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Originally Posted by Dan Mumford View Post
Wow, I've got to say you've probably got the best looking 986 I've ever seen, super clean!

I've got a non S, 2.5 986 that's been off the road for a little while so it's going to be a bit of a project for me, I'd love to know some more details about the custom android headunit if you don't mind? It's looks incredible!

Also the projector lenses, how does the wiring work to turn the fog lamps into the sidelights?

Thanks! 👍🏻
Thank you

The head unit is an android TD618AS unit, but I've put my own twist on it including a custom ROM start up screen, theme, and so on.

The DRL's are actually the side lights, the fog lights aren't changed at all. The projectors flip the projector shield open to throw the light upwards when you use the full beam on the stalk. The projector comes with a red and black wire, it's just a case of plugging those onto the full beam bulb's connector too, so the full beam switch operates both the old bulb and the projectors.

Car's still underperforming like a pig, but I think I've found the issue. It's a vacuum problem for definite, but I ripped lots out of the engine bay (alternator, plenum & throttle body, etc) and there's no evident leaks. All pipe work seems fine. Someone else has had the exact same problem with me and it turned out to be a bad vacuum valve that is used to switch the secondary air pump on and off, and to divert the air flow. That failed, air flow wasn't being directed properly, car suffered because of it. Problem is that there's 3 valves, so figuring out which one's a bugger. I'll most likely just replace all 3 as they're all prone to failing anyway.
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