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Smoke coming from Dash A/C vents

Hey guys, I’m having a scary issue with my 986 04 Boxster. Yesterday I had A/C on Demist and I start smelling some weird and strong odor. It was like a burnt Antifreeze?! Or something. First I though it was the car sitting right next to me but then today it happened again. Then I thought it’s the Bad pollen filter but White smoke started to come out on the dash a/c vents.

No oil leaks(as far as I can see) and anti freeze level is normal.
Why is the smoke coming only from the center dash Vents? Also, while smoke was coming out, I opened the Pollen filter and I could see no smoke! So where did this smoke came from? Also, can I use the car today, without being too risky, until I get it to Workshop tomorrow morning?

Thanks !!
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