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Originally Posted by CDNIcecube View Post
Update. Today I took off the aftermarket muffler and reinstalled the OEM. I am getting quite good at this. Of course I remove the bumper to make my life easier.

I did this because I was worried my neighbors were less appreciative of my new sound. My wife felt I was overreacting but I wanted peace.

So, wow, the OEM is very quiet in comparison. All and all, I would reinstall the aftermarket muffler if I decide to track it because it is more high flow and the drone is 95% gone, but will for now stay with the OEM. I tried to crios mode but could get the drill bit to bite. Oh well.
I had the exact same experience with the ebay muffler. Ended up taking it off the same day. Sounded crazy above 3k with my cat bypass pipes but way too much drone. A short drive gave me a headache.
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