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I've been daily driving the car for the last couple weeks. Today I did some minor cosmetic fixes. The 'S' badge on the trunk was damaged - cracked with the top of the S coming off. I replaced it today with a red S using some 3M tape.

I also replaced the center caps that were missing the Porsche crest with some silver ones. I don't like the result. The center caps with a plastic crest have more relief than the metal crests. I'm going to pull a faded set off one of my other cars and paint them Seal Gray including the crest and see how that looks.

My garage is occupied by another car at the moment, but when I get that project done, the SE is going back in for some major work. I plan to fix the rear bumper, install the correct muffler, pull and completely dry the carpet padding, fix the heater, and replace the dashboard. I bought a dashboard from an '03 996 that is 'Natural Brown Leather'. I'm going to attempt to dye that darker to match the Cocoa Brown and install it.

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