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Originally Posted by irogag View Post
If you are getting any fault codes on W line (Code 21, 19, etc)....make sure to test the relay nearest the blue connector. That is the problem I had and a few taps on it (as well as using a huge magnet) seems to correct it. It IS testing bad as the N.O. contact is NOT closing as it should no matter what voltage on relay coil is applied (Spec is 5 VDC).

Mechanical always fails before electrical

I am going to make a full diagnostic step-by-step on the 986 immobilizer soon, as i've really beat this thing up and it keeps working....mainly I feel it's unfair for local repair places to be charging owners 1100 to 1500 for a short operation to re-teach a new immobilizer. The part is only around $400 from porsche, so no repair in my opinion should be more than 500 dollars.
Good I am looking forward to this.
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