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I have been toying with the idea of what am I going to do with my 02 S if the motor goes. I have 216K on it. I bought the car for $6k, and everything was in perfect shape, just had a lot of miles on it. Renegade is the name of the company that does the LS swap. You can do anything from an LS1 through an LS7. An LS3 will cost around 15-20k. Installed. But that is over 400 hp. Look up Apollo 911 on youtube. If you do an LS3, with catalytic converters you should be able to get it smogged. you will have to go through a referee station for that. I also am thinking about a 3.6 swap, again around 15k for someone else to do it, you get that sweet Porsche sound and 320 hp. This is all up to you, if you have the extra cash, why not? Just remember that the motor swap alone will eat up most of your $25k budget, and if there is anything else you need to fix or upgrade that adds more $.
02 Red S. 4th owner 198k miles , now 225k miles and still going strong.

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