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Clutch management

Thanks SD987 And Newt for bringing this control problem to the forum. I recently changed my 2000 986 for a 2004MY 986 S and the first thing I noticed was my tendency towards bad gearchanging and the lurching that goes with it. SD987 has made some good suggestions and I'll be looking to adjust my technique. In the non S, there was a sort of back pressure at the end of the clutch which finalised the engagement and gave a good transition. It doesn't seem to be present on the "S".
Another part of the problem for me in the UK is that our roads are very congested and when driving in town, there is hardly room for accelleration so by giving the "loud pedal" a quick burst, I can be right on top of the pensioner in front of me. UK drivers are being encouraged to stay within the 30mph limit and that means that many drivers don't go above 25mph. Its very frustrating.
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