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Originally Posted by stephen wilson View Post
My point is that what is pretty inconsequential to a car driver can be catastrophic (telephone pole) to a motorcycle. Not the same as your rain example, which should still have reasonably safe runoff areas. Performance driving is never 100% under control, even if it's due to a mechanical failure.
My friend, a sand bag to a motorcycle is NOT the equivalent of a telephone pole to a car.
As a professional myself, I'd tell you (as many others already have) that Kim was crashing with or without that sand bag. And I can tell you many, many people (including myself) have hit much, much worse on a run out, without crashing.

Could we say that the sandbag contributed to the severity of the accident? Quite possibly. Maybe probably. But it certainly did not cause the accident. Not even a remote stretch of the imagination could make it so. The cause of the accident is quite clearly Mr Kim running off the race track in a manner that was consistent with a crash. As I said below, he blew it. He blew it. He blew it long before he left the racing surface. And the moment he left the racing surface, he determined he was going to crash. You can see it in his failure to control the motorcycle on the asphalt, and his continued failure to control the motorcycle in the runoff. He blew it. He did it.

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