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On the Boxster in 18" sizes I have been unimpresed with PS2's and P-Zero's. The PS2's extremely soft sidewall took too much precision out of the handling and actually caused the rear to get twitchy in rough switchbacks. The P-Zero's, while having great dry grip, were too harsh and flatspotted way to easy.

I like the PS-Ribs and am dying to try the Yokohama Advans but not enough to part with $1000 when the PS-Ribs are virtually new. The PS-Ribs combine a stiffer sidewall with good wet and dry traction. Probably 95% of the absolute traction of the PS2's but far more comfortable at the limit. Early reviews of the Advans are promissing and the RE-050's seem promissing as well as a replacement for the S-03's.

In the 17" size I hated the AVS Sports and ES-100's but love the Falken RT-615's as track tires.
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