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I posted a description of a sound that appears to be similar to yours in my 987. It sounded as though it was immediately behind the head rest with the top up but with the top down I concluded it was the left rear suspension area. It turned out to be the right rear strut. Porsche dealer also replaces a couple of other parts in the suspension first but I can't recall the exact names. The chirping sound went away with the strut replacement. It would do so with the slightest ripple in the road at times but could not be duplicated by pushing the rear of the car up and down. The dealer could isolate it to the area of the suspension using some sort of diagnostic listening device but not the specific component. Do a search for "chirping sound" and I think you will find my post. It may have the additional part information. If the car is under warranty it should be fixed. It drove me nuts.
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