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GT3 Control arms - help with shims

I'm going to start down the rabbit hole with my '01 986 for autoX and street use. I'm coming from the Miata world and am still figuring things out with this car. The Boxster is completely stock with 18" RE71R tires. The alignment was maxed in the front with -0.3* and a touch of toe out. -1.8* in the rear.

After doing my first autocross, it understeered quite a bit. GT3 LCA's will cure the issue while keeping the car properly classed. I'd like to get about -2* front and bring rear back to -1.6* or so. My question is what do I need for shims? 16mm? 10mm? Do I need to buy a assorted bunch? Obviously, I'd rather not throw money around on shims.

Thanks in advance
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