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Originally Posted by PaulMc View Post
Hi grc, do you have an Indy that you have used and recommend in the area? I am in Northern MA up near the NH border and would be interested in your experience.

I agree with Tomikaze on the New Eng winters 100%. I am itching to get my car out and the cover off, but these 15oF (-10oC) mornings we are still getting makes me less inclined to do so. The snowbanks, bits of tree lying around after the storms, massive potholes and road salt are currently winning the head vs heart battle!


Paul, I have used Autobahn Performance in Danvers, MA and am currently servicing with Automotive Engineering of Lexington, MA. If you are a PCA member (and I think its a good idea), you can ask some of your local fellow members. I suspect you would be in North Country Region.

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