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Originally Posted by Burg Boxster View Post
Yep, exactly why I'm not a fan of the 'synthetic' clay kit options sold these days - mitts, pads, whatever... For average Joes who aren't into detailing and just need heavy surface contamination cleaned quickly, it's sufficient I suppose. Might be tolerable for light finishes (i.e. white, silver, etc.) where swirls don't show easily but otherwise wouldn't even think of using. Just be glad you didn't use the kind which it attaches to your DA or rotary. Surprised Griots sells some but then again at one point they sold a pad w/ a pocket you dropped an actual clay bar into for 'high speed' claying

Marketing is about promoting. And we've had our share of gorilla marketers here over the years [cough]. For instance, how many IMS solutions/fixes have been served up? Including those selling their current 'final fix'. As opposed to their previous 'final fix(es)' - LOL. And there will be more... caveat emptor

Hopefully the damage isn't too severe and w/ a mild polish you can get it back quickly.

Good luck
Yeah the problem with detailing paint is experience, the average person doesn't understand the products well enough generally to use. My dad was a body shop
owner and I worked for him for 5 years detailing, a lot has changed product wise
but same idea. I watched a lot of videos from McGuire's and several other you tuber's that are professional detailers first. Then I did a small area out of site.
I enjoy detailing though do it on all my cars.
I think the key is research, understand, and watch. Then try on small spot out of sight.
2000 Boxster S Ocean Blue Metalic
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