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Thanks everyone for your suggestions :-) I'm finding the following:

(1) 1999-2002 Boxsters in the 100k miles range from $5k-$10k
Maybe great "bang for the buck" but I'm cautious about the mileage, and $3k-$4k for the IMS and other issues is a fair chunk of the new purchase price

(2) 2003-2004 Boxsters in the 50k miles range from $12-18k
Feels like a lot more money, esp if I include $3k-$4k for the IMS and other stuff, but these cars are newer and have the glass rear window

(3) 1999-2002 911's in the 100k miles range in the $20-$30k range
Just feels expensive, but I'm looking at these for reference, and they need the same attention a 986 would
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