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You know that lever that pulls up is also for parking along with doughnuts.

Mods that I can think of:

Ingo Noak Tuning front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts
eBay led lights from litronic (they say they arenít compatible, but you just have to disconnect the light washers (takes an extra 3.5 minutes) and then itís like taking your oem lights in and out.
Black side vents
New trunk hood with integrated spoiler from some place I canít remember. Oem spoiler deleted.
Black ďPorscheĒ emblem
Black led tail lights from eBay
Topspeed exhaust from eBay with secondary cat delete
Black exhaust tips from amazon
Guards red center console
Guards red trim strips
Shifter from a 987
Boss CarPlay receiver with all the necessary hardware from crutchfield (I just wanted CarPlay for everything and this was the cheapest receiver.
Oh yeah, dash speakers brand forgotten from crutchfield
Turbo look 18ís from the 997 era aftermarket replicas from wheel dynamics, plastidipped gloss black, but this weekend they will be obsidian black pearl

If I forgot anything, Iíll post more when I put up pictures of the dirty back end.
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