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I agree, a 986 Boxster feels a lot after in terms of an accident than an NB Miata. Truthfully Iím not a fan of convertibles in general, and having owned a 2005 Boxster (987) I can vouch for the fact that I almost never had the top down. However, the Boxster has a charm all of itís own, and yes itís not a 911, but I donít think that detracts from the car. Moreover, the values of used Boxsters are so much lower than 911ís that it makes it a ďrelativeĒ bargain :-)

Iíve now driven a few 986.1 cars, and Iím getting more of a feel for them. They are solid, and the steering really has feel, and weight. First car in a while where parking felt like effort, and I liked that. Iím leaning towards a 2.7 base as there is a price premium for the 3.2 S and Iíd rather put the money towards maintainance. Will keep looking.
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