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Thank you everyone for your responses. I've been following the Burners cars on youtube channel and also reading many of the forum posts on this 986forum. It's great to have such a trove of useful information.

Once I find a car I will plan to replace the IMS with the LN Engineering IMS solution, and will do the other items including clutch, AOS, brakes, belts, water pump, etc. I'll hold off on a suspension refresh for a little while.

My understanding of the market is as follows:

1997-1998 - dual row IMS, but porous blocks & cylinder bore scoring maybe issues
1999-2000 - dual row IMS, though these will be 2.5 cars
2000-2004 - single row IMS (with associated liabilities), but you can get a 2.7 base or a 3.2 S
2005-2005 - 987 upgrade though this is the first year of production :-o
2006-2009 - single row large IMS which is not serviceable - best avoided

I prefer the 986 to the 987 as I had a base 987 some years ago, and I prefer the 986 look (yes, even the fried egg lights)
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