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I've got them on 2 sets..

the OE 18's that came with the car and an extra set I bought on ebay.

At 4K on the OE set, there has been little wear; they are quiet and provide a compliant ride.

On the track set, we have done a 2 day EVO auto-x school, 2 auto-x's and 3 DE's. 2 of the DE's and the EVO school were done in wet weather and I gained a healthy respect of how good these tires are in the wet. Simply the best wet weather tires I've ever been on.

On a dry track, they've got good lateral traction and have held up remarkably well wear wise. the turn in doesn't feel as sharp as the sport ribs because of the softer sidewall but certainly adequete for a DE.

All things considered, it would be my first choice for an everyday tire. Not cheap, but you treally do get the goods with this tire.
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