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Originally Posted by B6T View Post
I'm curious though, in what way to do you plan on cutting up the engine cover?

Also, Tom, on the subject of the 2.7t swap. The way I looked at it was if you have to fabricate the turbo manifolds/up-pipes, exhaust, and everything else that makes the 2.7t different from a normal 2.8L V6... then why wouldn't you just swap in the engine with 2 extra cylinders to begin with. A turbo V8 Boxster is way cooler than a turbo V6 Boxster... just saying
2 thoughts here, the final cradle for this style of installation will be another 25mm lower on the front. I realize with the steel cross suspension support in place, the oil pan is well above the line the cross member defines. This will help get more front head/belt cover clearance. I think this will fit with just some hammer massaging of the front engine cover areas. It will also help move the TB away from the cover in the back where the middle tab will need to be cut off. I am looking at the intake to see if I can machine the TB flange at an angle, tipping the TB down and moving it forward at the same time. This works fine for my race car since the EGR system will be deleted/re-routed into a catch can. Not sure how this will work out with a street car but there appears to be plenty of points where the EGR system can pull vacuum to make the ECU happy.

As far as the V6 goes, my buddy who is helping likes turbo set ups because they can make lots of torque. We both come from the NSX world where everything is V6 since you can't stuff more cylinders in the NSX engine hole with out putting the motor longitudinal rather than transverse.

Once this car is running, I will start on a new cradle that will work for the V6 and maybe LS V8 options for those who really want to break will have this style cradle replacing the rear steel suspension brace:
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