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Originally Posted by B6T View Post
Yes the tensioner is in the stock location but the belt routing is entirely different and follows what I was saying before.

Anyway, just trying to help out and prevent a headache for you in the future.

Ah, got it. Thanks for the pic, I had gotten so excited that things fit I lost track of this point. My guess is this will work fine because I have taken almost all the load off the system, it was designed to run with the full load of AC, PS, cooling fan and the alternator. Now all I have is the alternator, I’m guessing load is a 10th of what it was so think it will work. I have spent years working on NSXs with Comptech supercharger kits, they also had the belt tensioner on the ‘wrong side’ of the belt run. The crazy thing with them was they would work fine up to 6 lb. of boost and then just gently slip and hold that boost level. I make locking tensioner for that application that replace the spring loaded tensioner and customers will see 1 lb. + in boost at high RPM.

Thanks again...forest through the trees.
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