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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
Honestly somewhere between $3k-$30k. No way to price this car without a lot more detail including pics, engine and trans eval, rust inspection, paint inspection, mods inspection, serial # verification etc.

If you are in a hurry I can probably give you $3k for it today...
Point well taken.

The car is mine, my father gave it to me a few years back.

I parked it when he bought a boxster which we (dad and I) supercharged.

I then moved, got married, had a child, lost track of time and now have no time or interest in getting it running.

If I remember right, it is actually a Weissach edition but we found that out too late, by then the car had been modified with the slope nose and wider rear fenders.

I've had a few offers, one for $20k cash, I just don't know how to gauge this.

Any advice is better than none, so thank you Topless!.....

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