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Originally Posted by dghii View Post
Don't get discouraged!!
It really should have been off with my head. Anyway, the car has been back together for years and runs great. I've learned a lot.
So far, I have no DYI horror stories with the Box, but I haven't had to dig in to the point that you and lots of others on this board have done.
Well, I carefully put sealer on the surfaces that required it and put the valve cover back on today. Not so good about doing a 1/16th bead, but I carefully squeezed it out and spread it with my finger. A thin coat. Put the cover back on and torqued the perimeter bolts to 120 in. lb. with minimal squeeze out sealer. Tomorrow I'll retorque it in proper order and put it all back together. need to solve a coolant leak, as well. Lots of tidying up to do.

Been raining kinda hard here--over an inch in two days. So I've been doing other stuff--rain days.

Feeling pretty pleased. should be fine. Even a reclaimed beater Boxster is a lovely thing!
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