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I got the cam cover off today. As expected the drains from the cams were both blocked. Too much goop! Tomorrow I'll de-oil the cover, and conservatively re-goop and install the cam cover.

The fasteners the little trolls in Germany use are such a hassle. Torx and whatever they call those 12 point inside out torx. Tough to work with. I found that an 8mm hex fits nicely over the inside out torx. Much faster and I can use my sockets and driver of choice--1/4 in drive. When I put it back together, I'll switch over to all hex. My engine, my choice. You can't get those goofy fasteners from the side with a ratcheting box end wrench.

That which doesn't kill you makes you strong.

Looking forward to driving the car, maybe this coming weekend. Got a BMW R90-6 waiting for some servicing.
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