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Don't get discouraged!! Take a break, drink a beer.

One of the benefits of a mess up is discovering that things take a lot less time and effort second time around.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I pulled the head on my 84 Alfa, which had burned an exhaust valve. It took me days to get the head off...lots of stuff to disconnect on the intake side. I had the head shaved, along with new cams and valves from a great Alfa guru in Pensacola, FL.

Upon reassembly, there are some little o-rings (maybe 5/16" diameter or so) that sit on the block and seal oil passages between block and head. While lowering the head onto the block, the head hung on the studs. While I reached for a tool, the head dropped the remaining 4" onto the block. Being an idiot, and wanting to get the car back on the road, I decided to go ahead and reassemble the motor, hoping for the best. The car ran great but after about a thousand miles, I discovered I had an intermix. I knew what it was (had already re-torqued the head at 500 miles).
I was so bummed. I just wanted to enjoy my car.
After the correct amount of feeling sorry for myself, I dug into pulling the head off again.
Second time around, I had the head off in about three hours. Sure enough, one of he o-rings was pinched. I got stuff cleaned up and had the car reassembled the next least that's how I want to remember it.
All good!
A few months later, unable to leave well enough alone, I decided to use my expertise to screw with the cam timing. My improvements led to a bent a valve.
Off with the head!!
It really should have been off with my head. Anyway, the car has been back together for years and runs great. I've learned a lot.
So far, I have no DYI horror stories with the Box, but I haven't had to dig in to the point that you and lots of others on this board have done.
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