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The Oil question gets kicked around every month or so. But, Mobil1 is what you should be using. Redline, Amsoil, Royal Purple are also good Synthetic Oils and will run just fine in the Boxster.

7500 miles s/b the change interval or once annually. If you live in a hot climate or a dusty one, then 5,000 mi. is probably a better change interval because of the increased potential for combustion by-products and dirt/dust through the intake system which gets trapped in the Oil.

Organic Oil is fine for an older engine which wasn't manufactured to as tight a tolerance and probably doesn't use as much soft metal like aluminum. It's an old wive's tale about older engines leaking sythetic oil though. If you switch from organic to a sythetic, or sometimes even switch brands, leaks are possible for the first few thousand miles as the new detergents remove a lot of sludge which acts to seal the engine. After a few thousand miles, the engine will seal back up once it builds-up deposits which are immune to the new detergent or it's concentration. The trouble is, many don't wait that long if their engines does start to leak, and switch back to the previous oil they were using. Once it seals up, they're convinced it was the different oils which were to blame, actually, they never gave the new one sufficient time to work in sealing the engine...

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