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Originally Posted by specboxCO View Post
The cradle looks like it will sit very low. Mine is a similar concept, but sits much higher up, so the bottom of the cradle is level with the bottom of the sump. I am still a little worried about clearance (albeit a track car rather than a street car) and am fabricating a skid plate for it.

For your belt run, what accessories are you planning on using? I ended up using a tensioner from a touareg and cutting down the idler from the fan drive to make mine work with just an alternator.
Cradle tubes are just below the oil pan so it will be easy to mount a bash plate if need be...I want to do a full tray and diffusor for aero purposes so there will be some protection for the bottom of the motor.

For belt run I'm thinking I want to keep the PS pump but I admit I'm not sure how to get the belt to run clean if I keep the PS pump in OEM location. Your solution may be the best, alternator only and do an electric PS pump.
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