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Originally Posted by The Radium King View Post
i am running a function-first engine mount insert - the 'street/track' yellow version, and the rennline transmission mounts - the 'street/track' blue version. did not notice any significant increase in nvh from the engine mount. did notice some from the transmission mounts, however not significant or off-putting, and the dramatic increase in shifting performance was well worth the expense. also, with the rennline units you get three sets of rubbers which you can swap between as required. ditto engine mounts - you can buy various densities (track, street/track, comfort) and swap as required (if you find the nvh too bad).
RK... did you need to drop your trans to do the mounts? I didn't realize there was a good option other than stock for the trans. I'm running a new 997 mount. My original was literally free floating. Like the rubber insert literally fell out when I removed the mount. The 997 is much more substantial.
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