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Originally Posted by pgjkc
I'm new to the forum, so pls excuse if this is in the wrong forum!

I bought a 2000 Boxster earleir this year, love it, and took it for its 75k oil change last week. The shop is a "Porsche specialist" and insisted on using "Liqui Moly" oil. Feeling a bit uncertain, I requested Mobil 1, which he used. However, he insists that the service interval for M! is 6k miles, not the 15k per specification.

Secondly, the hydraulic pistons that hold up the trunk seem to have failed whilst he had the car, and now the trunk won't hold up on its own. Is this just a component replacement fix?

Glad to have you aboard.

Mobil-1 is the correct oil for your vehicle. Good for you for insisting on it.

The service interval is, I thought, 7500 miles or once per year.

The hydraulic struts in the trunk are a simple replacement. Those things eventually fail on all types of vehicles. I'm sorry I don't have a part number for you (maybe someone can list it) - but it should be pretty inexpensive and easy to replace.

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