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It's all going to be easy now, Right?
Tuesday was going to be a big day. The car had run on Monday and I was pretty sure that I could finish putting it back together enough to drive to the Tag Agency (DMV) and file for a rebuilt title. What did I have to do?
  • Finish replacing a radiator.
  • Put the front bumper cover on.
  • Bolt the exhaust back together, or just replace it.
  • Flush engine the oil and refill.
  • Add coolant.
  • Put wheels on.
  • Install headlights.
  • Put the seats and some interior trim back in.
  • Organize paperwork showing the purchase of repair parts.

I had most of the day available, and until 4:30 to get in the door. If all the work went smoothly it would be easy.
I started with the radiator. After removing the original radiator I saw that it looked better than my replacement (note to self: dispose of the replacement). It just had a broken stub, leaving a small hole. I decided to do a JB Weld patch and work on other stuff while it set. A brand new radiator was already ordered.
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