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H&R lowering springs

Well I decided to take the plunge and installed a set of H&R Sport lowering springs. Struts are stock.

Here's what it looks like after the alignment.

Here's what it looked like before (2 years ago):

I measured the height from wheel center to fender after the install, but I don't have the height before (with stock suspension):

Front (in)....12 7/8...13
Rear (in).......13.......13

The job was not terribly complicated, but took me about 6 hours total to do it, 2 hours in the front and 4 hours for the rear, as the axle and toe control arms have to be unbolted. I had read all about the possible need to install adjustable rear toe control arms, but that this was not always the case. So I had it aligned today and asked for 2.5 deg neg camber in the front, 0 toe, and 2.0 neg camber in the rear, 1/16 in toe in per side. They ended up with this:

They were not able to get the camber in the desired range without having the toe go too far in, so it looks like I'll need to order a set of adjustable arms

Here's the alignment data prior to the spring change:

One thing you may have noticed is that the left rear has more negative camber than the right. This is probably due to the incident last month where the car impacted hard on the left. I had to redo all the rear suspension and replace the broken left axle too.

So the springs provided about 0.5 deg extra negative camber in the front, and about 1 deg extra negative camber in the rear. I think -3.2 deg in the rear is too much considering I only have -1.8 deg in the front. Thinking about it, it would seem that the car would want to push even more now. Since my front swaybar is not adjustable, I do have one more hole I can stiffen the rear swaybar with, so would that help in the interim?

My first impression with the new springs is that the ride is definitely somewhat harsher and you can feel every imperfection in the road, but the car feels like it is on rails! Hopefully I can get the adjustable arms installed before the next event at Wild Horse Pass Bondurant loop on Feb 10th!
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