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Boxster Front Suspension Design Category (For Classing)

NASA's new Time Trial rules impose a penalty on cars with upper a-arms of wishbones. As an example they list Miata's, S2000s and Boxsters however I don't believe Boxster's fit into this category.

"2) If the vehicle has an OEM suspension design utilizing an upper “A-arm” or
“Wishbone” type control arm on either the front or rear suspension, a Modification
Factor will be assessed. Conversion from an alternate design to an “A-arm” or
“Wishbone” suspension design using non-OEM parts is not permitted
(front or rear)."




I think they may have gotten confused with the 996 which does have a wishbone (or virtual a-arm) rear suspension

What do you guys think? Whats the best way to approach this argument? The penalty for a-arms is huge, almost twice as much as aero.

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