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Feeling a bit frustrated. Went down to work on the car, wanted to get the interior back in shape as the paint shop will be done on Wed; trying to move this car along. The new stereo and back-up camera are working well. Went to role the windows up and nothing happened. Thought maybe I had blown a fuse, but it was fine. Tried the window relearn since battery has been disconnected on-and-off while I worked on the car, windows still in lowest position. Pulled center console back off to look for disconnected wires, but the window relay looms looked normal. Pulled climate control unit, which I had moved to the lower position and did find one 4-pin connector just hanging. At first I thought that I had solved my problem, but could not find the other connector. After searching the wiring diagrams, looks like it is the plug for the phone (see below).

So, can anyone think of why the windows won't move? Hard to believe that both switches or motors went at the same time.

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