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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
Checked this morning but don't see any data....
It's there now. Go to this URL:

I just checked. It's awesome!
Pick lap 38 for example: look at how the oil pressure a the pump drops occasionally (and the accusump opens up), and then look at how little the oil pressure at the head is affected. The Accusump activated 3 times. Yo can see this clearly on the Accus_On graph when it pegs 5,000 (5 volts).

The other thing I notice is how much of a pressure drop there is across the oil filter, oil cooler and rest of the engine, about 30-35 psi under load.
Also, the average oil pressure drops from the the first laps to the last laps of the day. Makes sense since the ambient air temp is increasing. It was about 50F on the first session then 75F on the last one.

Once I figure out how to export the log files from my phone, I'll crunch the data in Excel to see what the "lag" is between the Accusump activation and the oil pressure increase at the head (valve cover).
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