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Thanks Jim. That was very helpful. Between your list, the link I found, and the manual I think I should be set for the coming winter. I especially appreciate the advice on rotating the engine before starting it in Spring. Very good point.

After reading all this it seems that I have to make a decision: I either drive the car at least couple of times a month in winter or just not drive it at all until spring. Seems like the "in between" option (drive it only couple of times in winter) is the worst. Looks like storing it will be the way to go.

In that case, I may have to remove the battery since there's no power (for the charger/maintainer) in the space where it's parked. Will this wreak havok with the electronics/alarm/etc systems when I put it back in?

NickCats, sorry for hijacking your thread. Thought this will be relevant to your inquiry and useful for many ahead of the winter.

Thx much
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