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Originally Posted by jpdal View Post
Yikes, that's not what i was hoping to hear. I did inspect the other pulleys and components back there - didn't see any rust and they all do spin freely. Maybe the pulley somehow got rusted and when it seized the rust blew onto the alternator????

The alternator does spin easily and freely. I ordered a new alternator pulley and alternator tool (CTA Tools 8088 Bosch Alternator Wrench). Hopefully that's all that's needed.

Thank you guys for the help! really appreciate it!
Don't pay much attention to Geof3's post, there isn't much good information in it.

From your picture, it doesn't look like rust, it looks like a red dust, which would make me suspicious of a bearing starting to fail. It could be the pulley bearing, or a bearing in the alternator itself. If it were me, I'd play it safe and just replace the entire alternator.
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