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Originally Posted by Brian in Tucson View Post
How many miles on the engine? Oil pumps almost never wear out. Bearings do and there are a whole lot of bearings in these engines. And past experience on other engines has taught me that low oil pressure at idle indicates a worn engine.

Sorry. I think you need a replacement. Or just live with the low oil pressure for a while--it could last for years.
Can't agree. These engine's are known for weak or weakening oil pump oil pressure relief valve springs, Porsche even released an update kit with a spring and updated piston to address the problem, retail cost around $20 and 5 min. DIY to change.

Before thinking about replacement engines, I would:

1. First check the actual oil pressure with a known gauge, you wouldn't be the first with a bad sender.
2. Get the updated parts and install them.
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