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Originally Posted by jpdal View Post
Was driving my '00 boxster today when i lost my power steering and both the ABS and battery light came on. luckily i was close to home. Did some quick research, it seemed like it was just a serpentine belt that needed to be replaced.

Open up the back compartment to put a new belt in and saw that the belt slipped off and it seemed like it was in good condition. I inspected the pulleys and saw that my alternator pulley had sheared off!? A part of the pulley is still connected to the shaft it seems.

Here are some pictures:

Is this normal? I've looked throughout the forums and haven't seem a similar occurrence happen? Should i replace the alternator as well?

Thanks in advance!
That pulley is completely normal. It is a declutching style pulley, the only thing missing is the snap on plastic from cover, which is decorative:

If the alternator is not making ratcheting sounds, put a new belt on it and you are done.
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