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and WE'RE BACK! (from totalled to replaced)

As posted in an earlier thread, I totaled my wife's 98 Arena Red 986 last month. Our insurance company treated us well enough, though we got all of about $650 for the $3100 worth of work we had done to the car the day before I wrecked it. Oh well. That's how it works.

Now for the good news. Today we drove home the replacement. We've been on the hunt online and in person, drove and considered various options including Jags, Mercedes, BMWs... and are back home with...

2003 Boxster S, 6-speed, Black with tan interior, Litronic headlights.

It just felt right to be back in the Boxster. And we considered newer ones (987) but at the end of the day it wound up being a value proposition. The 987s drive marginally better, but the 986 remains a bundle of fun and is fully depreciated.

I'm also really happy to remain a part of this community.

Of course, it's still an older car, so we'll have our share of little projects and questions to come, but I'm up for it!

And... I'll have some take-off parts from the wrecked car (HID headlights, notably) that I'll be posting for sale soon.

Thanks to the die hards and the other hobbyists out there for helping to keep this community strong.
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