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Originally Posted by Geof3 View Post
Glad you got it sorted! But, you havenít answered the burning question... what the heck were all of those wires, and what were they doing, bypassing or whatever? Curious minds want to know!
I actually don't know. Woody could be right or maybe the previous owner didn't know you need a good RFID to start and was trying to bypass something. But, it's working now and the one thing I've learned over 20 years of DIYer fixes on my cars is: if it ain't currently broken don't fix it; if you do, it will likely be broken soon

Now, as for bypassing the rfid pill I do have a good working theory on how to do it. Nothing I'm worried about a thief doing in 60 seconds as it would take more than an hour to get at all the parts. I think I'll write up a formal post and ask for feedback so this thread doesn't get hijacked.

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