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Originally Posted by Porsche9 View Post
Seasons are nice. I jokingly say we just got rid of the season that sucks, winter. Fun to play in but every time I had to work and deal with it was, for me, it was terrible. But I’m spoiled having always lived where there is no real winter but close enough that it’s a short drive away. People live in different parts of the world with all kinds of weather and other pluses and minus.

Driving in the snow with a Boxster or a Carrera sounds actually like huge fun. I have to try it one day.
Just got my Boxster (myself) a Xmas present of a set of winter tires (Yokohama V905) on 17" wheels, mounted this evening and hit the road.

Wow, what a difference from Michelin PSAS3 tires... that struggled just getting up my slightly inclined driveway with 0.5in snow. At 5 deg F the snow tires feel cushy yet tight, and gobs of traction in snow and slush, that I can confidently push the car and still keep things under control. It makes driving unplowed backroad like a little rally!

Yes, it's huge fun, and no more fear... let it snow!
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