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just a tip: try spraying while using a shoe box or the top of a shoe box. Hold the shoe box/top so that its lying against the the canvas and spray a few inches in front of the shoe box at a time. This is very good for the rear window.
If you get Raggtop on the plastic window use Plexus (sprayed onto the towel not the window) to remove it.
Or you could use newspaper and tape up the window and paint.
Don't saturate the top when applying Raggtopp. Do a few coats instead.

after using Raggtopp don't get car wash soap on the top ever. Those soaps attract dust and require lots of rinising to get out fully. Use only the Raggtopp cleanser with an ultra soft feathertip brush and rinse with a very stiff stream of water. Blot dry I like the absorber for this and glass, but not paint.
Rinse weekly to dislodge dust, public enemy #1 to canvas threads.
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