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Actually I think I might have figured it out. Noticed that the bumper was different for the 97-02 vs the 03-04 cars. Another difference is the spoiler (it has a bend at the ends vs the 02 and previous that are straight across). Apparently more changed under the spoiler in 03 as well, namely the mounting points. The early models used rivets vs the later design which used clips.

From what I can tell, the spoiler cover (the pretty piece) basically blew off. LoL. So what's exposed is the lower portion of the spoiler cap. It also reads that the 97-02 had the plastic rivets, and the rivets returned for the 05+ installation.

Wonder if a 986 Cayman spoiler would fit on the 03-04 boxster boot? Hmmmm. Here's a picture of the cover and the mount that I found while digging through the net.

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