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Let me guess -- the rear end got squirrelly and she lifted :-(

My wife did the same thing on my old S -- fortunately she missed everything
and stopped 2' from a retaining fence at the bottom of the ravine. How she missed
the curb, 3 poles, and god nows what else -- IDK.

I was even able to mud race it out of there.

Took a good power washing -- but no worse for wear.


Originally Posted by AZ986S View Post
I loaned the Boxster to my GF last week and she enjoyed it immensely until... well let's just say I need a new rear suspension, wheels and tires Thankfully she is fine and there doesn't appear to be any body damage or anything to the front wheels (so far).

So I'm having the car done at my usual trusted Indie (McIlvain Motors) here in Tempe, AZ. Will need the following:

On both rears:
*Lower control arms
*Trailing arms
*Toe control arms
*New wheels

On right rear:
*New axle

On all 4:
*New tires

I am wondering if the wheel bearings or sub-frame could be affected by those impacts to the rear wheels... The transaxle appears to be OK. I will have Wheel Specialists in Tempe look at all 4 wheels and tell me which ones are bent, but I already know both rears are. Then I have to figure out what I want to do for wheels. Do I just replace the 2 rear with the 18in Turbo Twists that I have? These are for street only as I have a set of dedicated track wheels.

I've always liked the Cayman 987.1 wheels... (courtesy of a fellow forum member)

Or the Carrera lights...

Are these true OEM?
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