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Originally Posted by MNBoxster

FYI, the DOT/NHTSA recommends that a Radial Tire be repaired with both a Patch and a Plug. This will involve demounting the Tire to do the work and so will need to be balanced upon remounting as well. See: about 2/3 down the page. Hope this helps...

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I've had two rears patched and plugged (both Bridgestone). Nary a problem with either one. They've withstood de's and rather enthusiastic general driving. No air loss or other problems. Now if your leak is in the sidewall that's another matter (and, I found out recently, the sidewall starts WELL before one might think, which resulted in four new shoes (damm roofers)). But if the leak/nail/whatever, is in the footprint of the tire, the plugging, at least for me, worked fine. They do have to remove the tire from the wheel, and it has to be rebalanced, but that's a rather small price in comparison to two (or four) new tires.

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