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Originally Posted by PCinDC View Post
Hi Guys,
I am soon to replace the 6MT in my 125K mile 2000 S with a 23K mile unit from a 2003. I was wondering if there are any special considerations for the 2003 unit into the 2000 car which I need to account for in the installation?

It looks like in the pics of the unit from ebay, there is a cooling loop - I'm not sure if my existing trans has that. Would that have come standard on the S or is there an option code I can look for? If my car didn't come equipped, is there any guide for retrofitting?

Also - since I will be pulling the trans, I'm planning to do the following:
  • single mass flywheel
  • Spec Stage 2 clutch kit

Are there any other good 'While you are in there' tasks?
Yes, since you are removing the only part that dampens harmonic vibrations from the crankshaft have the engines rotating parts balanced &/or install a harmonic balancer from a 3.8L M97 engine.
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