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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
The R888's like a LOT of negative camber so a performance alignment should be #1 on your list.

With that being said, out of the two options, I'd go with the lowering springs because they might help with getting a better performance alignment (a bit more negative camber lowered vs the stock ride height).

If you're starting to see a trend in my comments (alignment, alignment, alignment) its because the proper alignment makes a ton of difference in handling, lap times, and tire wear.

And as you become a better driver, the alignment will have to change to keep up with your driving skill. Its never ending. Even after 7 years of track driving and 4 years of Boxster Spec racing (and 68 races), I am about to change my alignment again (for the umpteenth time) to help me to perform better.
TH - Thanks for the input. I just finished ordering new H&R springs for installation next year. I know I will be needing an alignment, so my mechanic added that to the work order.
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