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Apropos of nothing much, a few months ago I had a flat on one of the Michelins on my Odyssey van. The tires were about worn out, and I had planned on replacing the entire set in about a week when Costco's Michelin sale was due to start.
So I go to the Costco tire center and consult with the resident 12-year-olds about either a.) fixing the tire, or b.) extending me the sale price a few days early on an entire set. The answer was a.) No, and b.) Hell No. It seems there was not one nail hole in the tire, but two within an inch of each other, thus triggering the Costco Corporate Death and Destruction alarms.
I left vowing to find a more cooperative tire outfit. Since there are no "service stations" anymore, one is left pretty much to deal with tire dealers or the Costco/Sam's Club people, all of whom seem to have pretty much the same policies about fixing tires.
In any event, my temporary solution was to buy a can of that fix-a-flat goo at the local NAPA store and squirt it in the tire. Damned if it didn't work. Sealed that booger up tight as a drum, and I drove around on it for about a week waiting for the Costco sale.
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