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04 Anniversary Edition Sport Suspension

With the onset of winter, the car will now live on jack stands for a month or so while I complete my 987 airbox/997 TB/Tee installation and upgrade my suspension. The airbox/TB install is almost complete with just plumbing delivery holding me up.

For the suspension upgrade, I was able to source the complete sport suspension package from a California based 04 550 with 35k miles. Parts look to be in great shape.

Upon receiving the parts, I measured the bars and came up with 24.5mm for the front and 20mm for the rear. Also, the rear bar has a sticker on it with a part number 98633370118. Based on the information out about the 986 S m030 bars, 24mm for the fronts and 19.8 for the rear, these bars seem to be a bit larger than the normal 986 S m030 bars.

Also, I can't find the rear bar part number in any Porsche catalog or dealer part site. It looks like the 550 sport suspension bars are even stiffer than the normal 986 S m030 bars. Is this correct and Porsche upgraded the 550 suspension above the normal m030 or am I missing something?

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