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Originally Posted by Porschekid
Almost without fail it seems on my first startup of the day I will get an engine stutter and the idle drops really close to stalling. ...
This is a typical sign of MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor failure. Go to a independant specialist or Porsche center to have your DME fault code read. It should point to that.

You can either clean it wth carb cleaner or replace it for about $250. What year's your car?

If it's using a 996 606 124 00, that is superseded by 986 606 125 00 or 986 606 125 01. Upgrading to a later model MAF will require a DME programming which your dealer should be aware of. If you're using a 996 606 123 00, you're pretty much stuch with that. 996 606 123 00 is meant for non EGas cars though..

My aircon's always on and that never presents a problem on cold start.
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