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Originally Posted by 1096369fred View Post
Hey Guys,

I'm thinking of adding this El Cheapo muffler to my 1998 base Boxster..... But am worried about the dreaded drone between 2000-3000 RPM (I know a Boxster should NEVER be driven below 3000 RPM!) I have read that some fellas have had good luck putting motorcycle Baffles in one or both muffler intakes....

I really just want a bit more sound.... And have desnorkled.... And was considering the Crios mod..... But kinda want to leave it in stock shape.... I figure for a $250 gamble life won't end if I don't like it..... But will the baffle idea work? Is it a bad idea?

I just, last week, purchased the exact muffler but will install only in the spring. Please let me know what you did to alleviate the drone. The pipes are 5.5cm. I donít know if I while have any or not, but knowing what you dud might be of help. Thank you!
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